MareMakom is an open search engine that was founded in 2023 by Moshe Binnun.

Its name is based on the Hebrew phrase "מראה-מקום", which means "a reference". The reason for choosing the name was to indicate its purpose as a central place for locating values, quotes and search results.

The search engine is based on a wiki system, that allows content managers to edit and improve the search results, similarly to what is done with encyclopedic values on Wikipedia.

The target of MareMakom is to become communal and to be open and independently managed.

Unlike other open communities that are based on donations, MareMakom is currently based on private investments, while later it will be funded by transparent advertisements (advertisements that integrate into the site as a visually distinct text but do not pop up, annoy or hide content).

The site is fully optimized for both desktop computers and mobile devices, and later a mobile app will also be released.

For content managers: Before publishing any content on the site, please read the disclaimers and terms of use.