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Petah Tiqwa

Petah Tiqwa (in Hebrew: פתח תקווה), is the fifth largest city in Israel and is located in the Central District.

Petah Tiqwa was founded in 1878 and also known as Em Ha'Moshavot (the "mother of colonies").

The first settlers: Yehoshua Stampfer, Yoel Moshe Salomon, Zarakh Burnett, David Gutman, Eleazar Rab and Michal Leib Katz, established the settlement on a plot of land they bought from the landowners of the Arab village Omlabes.

In 1921, Petah Tiqwa received the status of a local council from the British authorities.

The Neighborhoods In Petah Tiqwa (partial list):

  • Kfar Avraham
  • Ein Ganim
  • Shiffer / Neve Dkalim
  • Kfar Ganim
  • Ramat Verber
  • Amishav / Hadar Ganim
  • Sha'aria
  • Ahdut
  • Mahane Yehuda
  • Lev Hamoshava
  • Kiriyat Alon
  • Yoseftal
  • Beilinson
  • Neve Gan
  • Neve Oz
  • Em Ha'moshavot

The industrial areas of the city:

  • Kiriyat Arie
  • Kiriyat Matalon
  • Segula

The Mayors Of Petah Tiqwa Over The Years:

  • Shlomo Stampfer
  • Yosef Sapir
  • Mordechai Krausman
  • Pinchas Rashish
  • Israel Feinberg
  • Dov Tavori
  • Giyora Lev
  • Yitzhak Ohayon
  • Uri Ohad
  • Itzik Braverman
  • Rami Greenberg

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