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Historical Mission In Computer's World

Historical Mission In Computer's World (in Hebrew: משימה היסטורית בעולם המחשב), is a time travel bestseller that was published in May 2023 by Orion Publishing House.

The book was written by Moshe Binnun, a computer engineer from Petah Tiqwa - Israel, and illustrated by Noy Sukar Batani, an illustrator and interior designer. It deals with the story of the computer's development history, while making it accessible to the general public in an experiential way as if it was being telled from a "first source".

The plot is about a middle school pupil named Ofek, who gets an assignment to write a thesis about the computer's development. Ofek, who is not connected to the field at all, tries to find some material on Google and even asks his programmer uncle to help him, but fails to put all the stuff together to create a proper summary.

When Ofek falls asleep, he discovers that he has traveled through time and arrived at the laboratory of the inventor of the first computer, Charles Babbage. Every time Ofek falls asleep, he realizes that he has woken up with another inventor. Ofek takes advantage of the one-time opportunity given to him and interviews the inventors and also helps them in their work, and even realizes that he understands computers more than he was thinking.

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